The World Food Programme animated Annual Performance Report

The World Food Programme wanted to make their Annual Performance Report more dynamic and accessible. Previously it had been a PDF download. I worked with Furthr, the content marketing agency to create an animated online edition. WFP's key achievements are presented in simple, straightforward visuals that move, grow and explode for maximum impact.

Watch the clip below to see the animation or go straight to the site to see the full effect.

Car Magazine redesign

This needed to reflect the shift in tastes of modern car enthusiasts who are now obsessed with car technology as well as performance. The new cutting-edge premium look reflects the technological emphasis, and three new regular sections were given distinctive, different looks. Infographics and graphics are used to explain the new automotive technology. I developed a new philosophy of picture usage, where fewer images are used bigger to create impact and increase the premium look. On the cover the logo is now supported by a background solid colour to create a distinctive presence on the newsstand.

Landscape magazine logo design

For the launch of Bauer’s new women’s lifestyle magazine, LandScape, Art Director Alex Tapley asked me to design the title’s new logo. The first part of the logo is based around the magazine’s main display typeface, Castle. The second part is a bespoke brush script created especially for the magazine.  The logo has been designed in different weights for multiple uses throughout the magazine.