About me...

I am an award-winning graphic designer specialising in magazines, infographics and video.

During the last 20 years I’ve had the privilege of art directing world-leading magazines, developing complex media projects and working with some of the planet’s finest advertising and editorial photographers.

I have a proven track record of getting under the skin of consumers, understanding clients’ needs and creating award-winning designs.

Rebranding expertise

In the last five years I have undertaken 23 magazine redesigns, creating a coherent brand vision and design language for each. To do this efficiently while working with the incumbent art editor is not easy and I have leant heavily on the experience I built up as group art director of Emap Automotive (now Bauer). There I was responsible for new project development and oversaw dozens of redesigns. 

Infographics specialist

I enjoy distilling complex information and concepts into innovative, easy to understand graphics. Clients include Aviva, Cisco systems, World Food Programme and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. I use motion graphics, interactive websites and traditional static infographic formats.

Understanding clients’ needs

LIV is the glossy lifestyle publication for Volvo owners and is one of the world’s biggest magazine publishing projects. As art director I absorbed the needs of a very discerning client and developed a magazine that eventually had a global circulation of 1.5 million and was published in 21 languages in more than 50 countries. I also commissioned and art directed films and digital versions of the magazine for the LIV website.

Beautiful design

Car magazine is the modern, premium bible of the automotive industry, and I was the art editor for 10 years. The changes I made led to the design and photography noticeably influencing the global automotive media and the magazine won numerous magazine industry design awards.

If you have a project you think I might be able to help with, please get in touch.